Science & Environment

Under the Ice

Antarctica’s fragile ecosystem is a barometer for the warming and acidification of Earth’s oceans. Over the last decade, NIWA scientists have been diving under the ice as part of Project IceCUBE to gauge just how the ecosystem might cope with these threats.



Sep - Oct 2010



Antarctic research

Brian Brake




Living World

Living on the edge

New Zealand hosts the longest-lived geckos on the planet and was once home to the largest, the kawekaweau of Maori folklore. And as we learn more about our geckos with every study, the stranger and more extraordinary they appear.

Living World

Central Otago

Central Otago has long been a magnet for painters and photographers as its landscapes offer vibrant colours and plenty of vistas to challenge one’s visual perception.

Living World


Deep in our lakes and rivers lurks a monster that has become the stuff of countless myths and legends. But now, just as this misunderstood creature is starting to reveal its many mysteries, some are questioning its future. Enter the dark realm of New Zealand’s largest freshwater resident, the longfin eel.

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