Yesterday's schools

Small class sizes, dedicated teachers, a school backed by willing, committed parents—it’s what every educationalist dreams of—and it’s happening in small rural schools around the country every day. Here all the pupils of Parnassus School in North Canterbury line up on their netball court.



Nov - Dec 2005




Carnegie Libraries

Rural schools



Living World

Suburban birds

A trio of welcome swallows preen and primp on a clothesline in the author’s garden. Such small familiar birds are the main form of larger wildlife most city dwellers regularly encounter, and although they are introduced species for the most part, they still enrich our gardens with their mating antics, squab­bles over crusts, nest building and songs.


Carnegie libraries

Born in 1835 to poor parents in Scotland, Andrew Carnegie became the richest man of his age. His family migrated to Al‑legheny, Pennsylvania, in 1848, and he immediately started work, at age 13, in a textile mill, earning $1.20 a week.


Hokonui Moonshine

In the last century illegal whisky production in Southland's Hokonui Hills was a subject of police investigations. Today that shady past is a cause for celebration.

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