Beachcombers and castaways

Rakiura's western shoreline is the flotsam-and-jetsam coast. Here the detritus of human endeavour mingles with nature's dead—albatrosses, whales, kelp, fish. It is the dune coast, too, where a beachcomber can follow kiwi tracks through hillocks of sand or pause to watch a wolf spider transporting her young. It is a place apart.



Mar - Apr 2002


Blake's last voyage

Stewart Island




Living World

Kakapo - Bird on the brink

In a land renowned for its unusual birds, the kakapo—a giant flightless nocturnal parrot with a bizarre breeding system—has to be one of the strangest. Although it has been lingering perilously close to extinction for the past half century, there is renewed hope that this icon of conservation effort has a future after all.


Rakiura: The Third Island

Granite citadels stud the seaward face of the Ruggedy Mountains, in north-west Rakiura/Stewart Island, an area as grand and remote as any in the country. Almost all of New Zealand's third island is wilderness—unbroken swathes of forest or shrubland which run from summit to coast. In recognition of its unspoiled landscapes and biological uniqueness, most of the island is being preserved as a national park—a development many islanders view with mixed feelings.

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