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Emperors on ice

Many birds migrate to escape the rigours of winter. Not so emperor penguins. Each autumn they march towards breeding sites on the edge of Antarctica, where they will raise their young in the freezing darkness of the harshest winters on earth.



Jan - Mar 1993

Emperor penguins

White islands

Cape expedition


Queen street




The queen of streets

Its face is changing from brick to glass, but the heart of Auckland's main street still pumps to the same old beat. Whether it's billions for a bank deal or a buck for a busker, Queen Street is the home of the wheelers and dealers; day and night, a theatre of human exchanges.



On the West Coast, catching whitebait isn't a hobby, or a sport, or even a business: it's a religion. There's something about these tiny, translucent slivers of life that transforms fishers into fanatics, and draws them each spring to where the rivers meet the sea.


Keeping watch

Between 1941 and 1945, far from the battle fronts of Europe, Africa or even the Pacific, a handful of hardy volunteers kept a look-out for the enemy on two uninhabited island groups in the subantarctic.


Steam and brimstone

New Zealand's most active volcano is a magnet to scientists and sightseers, but behind its primeval beauty lies a violent history—both human and geological.

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