The end of the rainbow

Hidden amongst mountains in the north-west corner of the South Island, Golden Bay has always been isolated—beautiful, quaint, but a back eddy from the main stream of life. In an age of pervasive market forces and economic recession, how is the Bay faring?



Apr - Jun 1991


Golden bay

Kauri gum

Lost crops of the incas




Northland's buried treasure

'Gold fever' struck northern New Zealand in the late 1800s, and peaked at the turn of this century with 20,000 fortune-hunters spread across some 800,000 acres of land. What they were seeking was not metallic gold, but kauri gum: a rich golden resin which polishes up like glass and is one of this country's most beautiful natural products.


Lost crops of the Incas

Without money, iron, wheels or work animals for ploughing, the Incas developed one of the world's most advanced agricultural empires. After languishing for 450 years in relative obscurity, many of the Incas' fruits, vegetables and grains are being discovered by the rest of the world, and nowhere more so than in New Zealand.

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