The secret world of crabs

To some people, crabs are ugly, aggressive scavengers that nip the toes of unsuspecting bathers in cartoons. To biologist John Walsby they are beautiful, complex creatures whose lives are full of intriguing secrets.



Oct - Dec 1990

Auckland islands

Samuel Butler


Xerox challenge





The man between the rivers

From 1860 to 1864 Samuel Butler chased sheep in the foothills of the Southern Alps, explored unknown mountain passes and propounded his philosophies to the gentlefolk of Canterbury. He left behind a legend and a 100,000-acre sheep station, Mesopotamia. It was there that novelist James McNeish went to discover what it was that inspired one of the world's great satirists.

Travel & Adventure

Bluff or bust

During the month of November, 67 athletes ran, cycled and kayaked their way from Cape Reinga to Bluff in the inaugural Xerox Challenge, billed as the toughest multi-discipline endurance race in the world.


Making paper

We've come a long way from the papyrus reeds of the ancient Egyptians to the galaxy of paper products we use today. But, then again, not as far as you might think. The essence of papermaking is an elegantly simple process...


Wild splendour

Deep in the subantarctic, where the Furious Fifties welcome no intruder, aspiring settlers and shipwrecked sailors encountered despair and failure on the Auckland Islands. Today these same islands are regarded as some of New Zealand's most magnificent wild places.

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