Flower of Hades

Found nowhere else in the world, Dactylanthus taylorii, the "wood rose", is a parasitic plant that lives underground, wrapped around the roots of native trees. Inside the swollen stem of the plant a wonderful transformation occurs, resulting in an elegant "flower" made solely of wood.



Apr - Jun 1990



Tiger moths

Harper pass

Seuffert & son

Wood rose




The magical Moth

Cool wind in the face, the blur of a wooden propeller, sun glinting off wire stays and delicate fabric wings. Thanks to one unforgettable aeroplane, the 'Golden Age' of flight is still only a touch of the joystick away.


Seuffert & Son

As a showcase for New Zealand's native timbers, the works of two little-known Auckland cabinet-makers are unsurpassed.

Travel & Adventure

Harper Pass by horseback

In 1857, explorer Leonard Harper became the first European to cross the Southern Alps. Retracing his route on horseback, three adventurers relived his pioneering journey— in ways they could not have foreseen!


Tuatara - A survivor from the dinosaur age

Two hundred and twenty-five million years ago — about the time the first dinosaurs arrived on the scene — the ancestors of the tuatara were roaming the world. Now, 65 million years after the last Tyrannosaurus bit the dust, tuatara are still here, little changed from their ancient predecessors. But how much longer can they survive on their remote island homes?


Say cheese!

It is remarkable that the coagulated solids of just one product — milk — should be capable of producing so many different flavours, textures and colours. David Burton takes a close look at one of the world's favourite foods.

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